Baby’s First Haircut: Nineteen Super Cute Styles

Babys’s initial haircut is a thrilling milestone-your little man’s personality is bright through and it’s right to say that your baby is flourishing.  But don’t marry him off in tender age.  You still have a couple more decades before you need to think about that.  it is necessary that your little one’s first haircut is something noteworthy and fun, but most importantly that it reberates your baby’s personality.  With that being said here are nineteen adorable baby’s first haircut styles.

Baby Boy’s First Haircut Ideas

1. Schoolhouse Rock

baby's first spike haircut


3. Gentle Baby Haircut

baby boy's first haircut

4. Baby’s First Quiff Cut

 cute baby Mini Quiff haircut

5. Baby Boy’s Tapered Cut


6. Curly Top

7. African-American Baby’s First Curly Taper

Curly Taper

8. Baby’s First Mohawk

baby's first haircut - mohawk

9. Baby’s Little Trim First Haircut

cute baby boy haircut

10. Faded Mohawk for Afro-American Baby’s

black baby first haircut

Baby Girl First Haircuts

11. Short Side Clean Messy Hair

12. Short Kinky Hair With a Bow Headband

baby girl first haircut style

13. Trimmed Hair with Silky Ribbon

14. Cute Low Pigtails

15. Short Bob with Fringe

16. Cute High Pigtails

17. Side Swept Bob

18. Adorable Loop Pigtails

19. Short Bob With a Big Bowed Hairband