The Charming & Beautiful American Girl Doll Hairstyles – Make Your Doll Look Gorgeous

american girl

Want to try some dazzling hairdo on your American Girl doll?. Well, we have gathered the best choice to make your doll look adorable and beautiful.

America girl dolls are prominent among children and adults. This realistic art made little girls come in all patterns., sizes, and colors. You can analyze with their hair just like you would with the real looks. You can exercise on these dolls to learn how to make the most fantastic hairstyles for your kids or your friends. American girl dolls are fun to play with and their hairdo is also amazing.

Each American Girl doll hairstyle is different from others. Each doll has her own hair, her own style. and her own story. It’s up to you to adjust it any way you want. Once you get your hands on one of these popular dolls. You can relish a fun time creating several hairstyles. You can even concede yourself to make a few haircuts. After all, what are the dolls for? That’ right to play with them. Playing with relish even more with many hair accessories. The American Girl; dolls hair is very original. So make it shine!


1. Basket ponytails

American Girl Doll Basket ponytail hairstyle for girl

2. Criss Cross braids

Cross braids American Girl Doll haircut

3. Asymmetrical twists

Asymmetrical twists American Girl Doll hairstyle for girl

4. Runaround braid

 braid American Girl Doll hairstyle

5. Special accessories

 accessories with American Girl Doll hairstyle

6. Princess updos


7. Rainbow Dye

 Rainbow color hairstyle for American Girl Doll

8. Fishtail

 Fishtail hairstyle for American Girl Doll

9. Braid and ponytail mix


10. Braided elastic band